Automatic double station case packaging machine

Automatic double station case packaging machine

zy cp500 case packging maching 1

zy cp500 case packging maching 2

Equipment workflow:

The materials are transported to the designated location by the connecting conveyor belt to wait for packing, and the carton is unpacked by the unpacking mechanism to wait for packing.The packing mechanism of Tongyisen board is  to load the lower cardboard, and then pack the upper cardboard through the packing mechanism, and then enter the packing mechanism to seal the cardboard after the packing is completed.


Main innovation points:

Palletising and carton size changes can be easily and accurately adjusted.

It has independent debugging and production control, output count of control screen interface, adjustment of machine running speed and equipment failure and other Numbers, Chinese display and prompt.

With high carton quality and carton storage detection and monitoring, fault alarm, fault stop and emergency stop and other safety protection functions.

Smooth packing, no damage to carton appearance, crystal carton appearance intact and clean.


Main technical parameters


80~500 BOX/MIN(Depend on box size)

Packing goods

Peper box


AC220V / 0.4Kw

Air pressure

0.5~0.6Mpa ( 5~6Kg/cm2)

Air consumption

350L / min






About the company :

Abou the company

Shanghai Yingmai packaging technology is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service of automatic self-supporting bag packaging system. The automatic self-supporting bag packaging equipment is a packaging process system that enables the roll film bag making to form, fill and seal the finished self-supporting bag. It is mainly composed of uncoiler, bag making machine, filling system and sealing device.

The company takes the concept of "leading the development of China's independent bag packaging technology" as its corporate mission. At present, more than 40 patented technologies and software copyrights have been owned and applied for. The company's products have passed ISO 9001 international quality system certification, 14001 environmental management system certification and EU CE certification. In the field of self-supporting bag flexible packaging, it has domestic leading R & D and manufacturing capacity and leading technical advantages.

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