Three and four side sachet pouch packaging machine

Three and four side sachet pouch packaging machine

Three and four side sachet pouch packaging machine

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Product features:

Horizontal form fill seal sachet  packaging machine is a variety of filling methods to choose from, the maximum speed can reach 120 bags/min

Product Description:

Sachet flat bag pouch packing machine is a small horizontal roll film bag making integrated packaging equipment. Mainly used in single row pouch bag making and filling. Choose different filling devices to pack different products. Such as coffee, milk powder, sugar, salt, seasoning sauce. Another wide application of this machine is the packaging of face creams, lotions or disposable disinfectant wipes and disinfectant swabs in the cosmetics industry.
This high-speed pouch packaging equipment adopts a compact design concept, and its selected accessories can be produced and run 24 hours a day, with minimal maintenance costs and can be expanded to two-station unloading methods. It is an ideal choice when the available building area is limited.
The equipment adopts an integrated cabinet and an independent operation panel, and the electrical control is integrated in the rack. Using Inovance as the standard control system, you can also choose brands such as Mitsubishi, Siemens or Allan Bradley.

horizontal zipper sachet flat pouch packing machine is applicable for such sectors including foodstuff, pesticide, pharmaceuticals, daily chemicals etc. The machine can choose from different filling methods according to nature of material including liquid, powder, particle, paste etc.




1. Mainframe Frequency Conversion System: Imported AC motor and frequency conversion, stable and reliable operation; low speed and large torque ensure excellent performance even under sharp fluctuations of load. 

2. Servo Blanking System: Panasonic servo motor controls rotation of blanking bolt directly by pulse number; stable and reliable performance,convenience of regulation. 

3. Package Making System: The package making and sealing and filling systems are independent to each other in this system. The two systems are linked and coordinated by mechanical coupling and programmable logic controller (PLC). Therefore, the system is suitable for a variety of products and sizes of package. 

4. Finished Product Sealing System: Fully automatic production facility that finishes package 
making, metering, filling, sealing and other packaging processes by heat-sealing packaging material (polyethylene membrane, multilayer composite membrane etc.). The package shall be three-side or four-side sealed flat package. Fillers of different types may package a variety of products. 

5. Integrated Control System: It is composed of PLC, frequency converter etc., featuring a high level of integration, strong control capabilities and high reliability of operation. Touch screen technology eases and facilities operation. The optoelectric transducer,encoder, proximity switch etc. are all equipped with imported and advanced sensing elements, so the mechanical and electricalintegration of the entire frame is embodied perfectly. 

Technical Parameter:

Machine operation


Horizontal form fill and seal,three and four side sachet pouch packaging machine   

Technology concept

Pouch origin

Form the reel

Pouch transport system



Reel diameter


Reel Width


Reel core


Filling stations


1 (with 1 heads)


Machine frame

Stainless steel SUS304/ Carbon steel, the surface plastic coating

Except internal mechanisms

Parts painted Stainless steel colour/Stainless steel SUS304,and Aluminum alloy

Parts in contact with product

Stainless steel SUS316L

Machine dimensions



Machine weight



Pouch dimensions



Maximum: 140mm×180mm

Packaging speed



Pouch volume






Air consumption

20L/min 0.6Mpa

Electrical Data


200-415V/50-60Hz/N+G(According to customer requirements customization)

model HS130 HS130TS HS160D
Minimum bag size 80



Maximum bag size




Bag volume range




Production speed ppm




Film size range Maximum diameter 350 mm, core diameter 76 mm
Power consumption of equipment





Machine Schematic Drawing:

HS 130 machine information 3

Product Samples:


HS 130 machine information 4

About the company :

Abou the company

Shanghai Yingmai packaging technology is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service of automatic self-supporting bag packaging system. The automatic self-supporting bag packaging equipment is a packaging process system that enables the roll film bag making to form, fill and seal the finished self-supporting bag. It is mainly composed of uncoiler, bag making machine, filling system and sealing device.

The company takes the concept of "leading the development of China's independent bag packaging technology" as its corporate mission. At present, more than 40 patented technologies and software copyrights have been owned and applied for. The company's products have passed ISO 9001 international quality system certification, 14001 environmental management system certification and EU CE certification. In the field of self-supporting bag flexible packaging, it has domestic leading R & D and manufacturing capacity and leading technical advantages.

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