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Whether you need food packaging solutions of all sizes, medical packaging solutions with a high level of hygiene, or more, we can help you. Our product range includes many types of packaging machinery for a wide range of processing solutions for food, medical and pharmaceutical products, industrial and consumer goods - your individual requirements and ideal applications are always the focus of our work.
Our Flexible Packaging Solutions
Food Industry
From a single device to the entire factory system, you are always able to build your unique automated factory through the expanding global agency network of NEWPACK along with the complete product system and excellent quality of ROCKWELL. You can put completely trust in the local projects coordination and after sales supports provided by our team.
The packaging of enzyme products is the most widely used application of this equipment. The prod- uct is characterized by good fluidity and needs high temperature filling. On the basis of the original tomato sauce filling, our enzyme products can be filled at maximum temperature of 92 ℃ .
Cold filling of pure fruit juice and fruit jam products at low temperature is another important step of doypack filling after enzyme drink. This series of products adopt ultra-high pressure cold sterilization process, the pressure resistance of the bag reaches 600MPa. Need to control the residual air in the bag.
As a supplement to medicine, special medical food fully considers the loss control of nutrients of products. Need to meet the high clean level in the production process.
With the improvement of cold chain transporta- tion and storage system, the soft bag packaging of NFC juice, yoghurt with pulp and probiotic fermented milk in cold connection system is becoming more and more popular. Ultra-clean filling suction nozzle bag yoghurt rose suddenly.
Pharmaceutical Industry
We can provide packaging machines applicable for dairy swab sticks, medical swabs, and transfer swab sticks, aimed at improving packaging efficiency and product quality consistency. By offering automatic packaging machine solutions, we can design packaging lines suitable for different product specifications to achieve automated production and packaging. In addition, we can customize the size, material, and printing of packaging bags according to customers' diverse needs. For clients, this solution can save labor and time costs while ensuring the quantity, sealing, and hygiene safety of each package, thus improving production efficiency and product quality.
Personal Care Industry
For the packaging needs of finished products in the personal care industry, such as dairy products such as facial cleansers, body washes, gels, creams, essential oils, etc., we can provide customized packaging machine solutions to meet the different packaging needs of our customers.
We can also provide custom packaging designs and materials to create packaging that is both attractive and functional and that meets the specific needs of the product and target market. Our goal is to help our customers improve packaging efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance their brand image through high quality and innovative packaging solutions.
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