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How can we make sure about the machine quality after placking the order?


1. Before delivery, we will send you the pictures and videos for you to check the machine quality. 2.And also you can arrange for quality checking by yourself or by your contacts in China.

Q1:We are afraid you won't send us the machine after we send you the money?


We have our business license and certificate. And it is available for us to use alibaba trade assurance service,guarantee your money, and guarantee your machine's on-time delivery and machine quality.

Is engineer available to serve oversea?

A: Yes, but the travel fee is responsible by you. In order to save your cost, we will send you a video of full details machine installation and assist you till the end.

What kind of bags can your packing machine pack?

A: Our packing machine can pack doypack( stand up pouch) ,pillow bag and sachet( flat bag). Optional function includes adding zipper, spout, making shaped pouch, etc.

How to find a packing machine suitable for my product?

A: Tell us about your product details and packing requirements. 1. What kind of product you would liek to pack? 2. The bag/sachet/pouch size of you need for the product packing ( the length, width). 3. The weigh of each pack you need. 4. You requirement for the machines and the bag style.





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