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Automatic bag making and packaging machine has which types of bags

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Automatic bag filling machine has which types of bags

In the automatic bag-making packaging machine, the roll of film from stretching and flat transport to the process of rolling and folding into a variety of bag types, bag-making formers play a key role, which has a direct impact on the way of packaging, scale and its quality. Therefore, the correct planning and selection of the former is very important. How to plan the packaging machine bag former has become an important basis for testing packaging machinery planners.

The following are the types of packaging bags.

1、Pellet bagging

Bagging process is a slack state powder granular food and the shape of complex and variable small pieces of food the primary way to sell packaging, but also widely used in fresh food, processed food or, for example, milk and other liquid food packaging. In today's food processing industry, many of the food packaging skills to ensure the quality of food use and the majority of food packaging skills based on the development of bagging skills, bagging skills are widely used. Therefore, bagged food packaging machine is a relatively large category of packaging machines, such as bagged tea packaging machine.


2, bagging

Bagged in a variety of ways, can be divided into large bags and small bags. And a variety of small bags for food sales packaging the following primary.

3, wrapping

Wrapping is a thinner flexible packaging materials (such as paper, aluminum foil, plastic film and composite flexible packaging materials, etc.) on the packaged items in full or partial wrapping around the package, is a basic way of block-type goods packaging, it is flexible and versatile, not only for single items wrapped (such as candy, pastries, instant noodles, etc.), but also after the placement of the items can be wrapped in a set of accumulation (such as the placement of regular cookies, the Cigarettes, etc.), can also be done on the packaging of items decorative wrapping [such as boxed food transparent OPP (one-way oriented polypropylene), PET (poly stuffing) film packaging, etc. IP to add its moisture resistance and product presentation.

3、Carton packaging

Boxes and boxes have long been widely used as packaging containers for sale packaging and transport packaging, most of them are made of cardboard or corrugated cardboard, which is a semi-rigid container. Because of its low manufacturing cost, light quality, easy to stack and transport or display for sale, and can be reused or as a paper material, and therefore is still even in the future is an important way of food packaging.

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