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Characteristics and development trend of roller pouch packaging machinery

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At present, in China, the pouch packaging machinery is mainly divided into two types: roller type and splint type. Both types of packaging machinery have their own advantages, which are mainly introduced below.

Three and four side sachet pouch packaging machine
Different user enterprises have different requirements for bag packaging equipment, so the selection of equipment should be determined according to the needs of enterprises. For example, agrochemical enterprises whose products are liquid, because of their large production volume and single variety, require stable performance and high speed of packaging machinery. The fully automatic liquid packaging machinery produced by Yongshengfeng Company can well meet the above requirements. This machine is a three-stage roller vertical packaging machine designed for automatic packaging of liquid materials, which can realize three-side sealing or four-side sealing packaging. The machine has a set of longitudinal sealing heat rollers, a set of transverse sealing heat rollers, and a set of transverse sealing cooling rollers. The sealing adopts the roller method, the longitudinal sealing pattern adopts the checkerboard pattern with the leak-proof line, and the horizontal sealing pattern adopts the checkerboard pattern with the leak-proof line or the flat seal with the leak-proof line. middle. The cutting method can be one of three types: flat knife, serrated knife and dot-dash knife. It is also equipped with an easy tearing incision device for easy bag opening.



Ingram Micro vertical packaging machine adopts PLC control system, and through "human-machine dialogue", the adjustment when changing products is simple, accurate and stable, and the Chinese prompts make each setting operation simple, intuitive and reliable. The roller type liquid sachet packaging machine generally adopts a three-stage type, the first stage is a longitudinal sealing heat roller, the second stage is a transverse sealing heat roller, and the third stage is a cooling sealing roller. Among them, the third stage of cooling and sealing roller is to press again when the horizontal seal has been heat-sealed, the purpose is to make the horizontal seal more firm, smooth, beautiful, and not leaking. This not only greatly improves the yield of the product, but also the packaging speed reaches 60 bags/min-120 bags/min. This type of packaging machine has a wide range of applications, involving industries including food, condiments, daily necessities, agricultural products, medicine, health products, hardware, chemicals, pesticides, seeds and other fields, and has been unanimously recognized by major domestic and foreign enterprises and users.


Three and four side sachet pouch packaging machine

From the perspective of the development trend of roller pouch packaging machinery, there are two aspects worth paying attention to: one is high-end, customers want to use as few personnel as possible to complete as many production tasks as possible; the other is low-end, price is an important factor in market competition , Whoever can complete the same packaging task at a lower price will be able to remain invincible in the competition, which also requires equipment renewal and technological improvement. The user's demand for roller packaging machines is that the efficient completion of packaging tasks is the key.

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