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Diversification and characteristics of packaging machines from newpack

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There are many kinds of packaging machines. With the improvement of people's living standards and the rise of the post-90s and post-00s, fewer and fewer younger generations go to work in the workshop, and it becomes more and more difficult to recruit workers in factories; The cost is getting higher and higher, and it is also a big burden for enterprises. Therefore, many people will seek automatic packaging machines that can save labor.
In the automatic packaging of bagged products, there is a self-sealing bag packaging machine. Self-sealing bag packaging machine only needs one staff member to put hundreds of finished bags in the bag taking part of the equipment at one time, and the mechanical claw of the equipment will automatically take the bags, print the date, open the bags, measure the signal to the measuring device, and drop the material. Seal, export.
The self-sealing bag packaging machine is suitable for packaging liquids and pastes such as shrimp slips, solid particles such as various nuts, preserves, and lumps such as pig trotters, duck wings, sausages, squid, components and other products.

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1. Features of multifunctional self-sealing bag packaging machine:

1). Double frequency converter control, the bag length can be set and cut immediately, no need to adjust the idling, one step, saving time.

2). Human-machine interface, parameter setting is convenient and quick.

3). Fault self-diagnosis function, fault display is clear at a glance.

4). High-sensitivity photoelectric eye color code, digital input sealing and cutting position, so that the sealing and cutting position is more accurate.

5). The temperature is controlled individually, which is better suitable for various packaging materials.

6). Positioning stop function, no sticking to the knife, no waste of film.

7). The transmission system is simple, the work is more reliable, and the maintenance is more convenient.

8). All controls are realized by software, which is convenient for function adjustment and technical upgrade, and does not fall behind.


2. Principle and characteristics:

A). The vibrating plate is mainly composed of hopper, chassis, control, linear feeder and other supporting components.

B).Automatic sorting, detection, counting and packaging.

C). Advanced microcomputer packaging control, excellent man-machine dialogue mode, so that speed, bag length, tangent position detection, etc. can be directly displayed on the interface.

D). The sliding horizontal sealing mechanism can adjust the height of the horizontal sealing arbitrarily up and down.

E). Imported color code detection makes the color code detection more accurate. Reticulated, straight and vertical seals are optional.

F). Frequency conversion speed regulation, convenient and simple

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