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Feeding bag vacuum packaging machine

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The bag-type vacuum packaging machine was launched to help enterprises overcome the problem of labor shortage; it is a kind of automatic vacuum packaging machine, because the bag-type vacuum packaging machine uses a robot to manually take the bag, print the date, open the bag, measure, drop the bag. The unmanned vacuum packaging manual is constructed, so the bag-type vacuum packaging machine is more suitable for the overall development of the enterprise.
Next, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the bag-type vacuum packaging machine in turn. The advantages of the bag-type vacuum packaging machine are reflected in the following aspects:


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1. Save labor
Because the bag-type vacuum packaging machine uses the robot to manually take the bag, print the date, open the bag, measure, blank, seal, and input the product, there is no need for manual labor in the whole process, which saves the natural delivery of the enterprise and overcomes the difficult problem of using labor in today's society.
2. Improve production and packaging efficiency
Manual packaging also requires manual measurement and bagging. For example, if the output of the craft carton is 3t per hour, the output of the bag-feeding vacuum packaging machine can reach about 5~15t per hour (exactly according to the characteristics of the material, the speed is different. Also different, fine powder may be faster).
3. Improve the corporate image
The application of workshop machinery and motorization can enhance the soft power of the enterprise. Because of the improvement of work efficiency, if the enterprise is also working overtime to catch up with the order, the factory that uses the bag-type equipment has already completed the order in advance, so it will be delivered to the next order. This way of working makes customers more willing to cooperate with us.
4. Facilitate enterprise management
Mechanical equipment is by no means like labor, and there are many factors that cannot be controlled. For example, vacations, high wages, job-hopping, etc. However, machinery and equipment will never be. If you prepare for daily maintenance, not only do you not have to worry about vacations and immigration issues, but you can also deliver them to work around the clock without holidays.
5. Small footprint
The length of the bag type vacuum packaging machine is 2500×1900×1750mm, so the length of the small stretch film equipment is 4500×800×1750mm, so it is equivalent to the stretch film vacuum packaging machine to save space for the bag type vacuum packaging machine. There is no need to worry about the problems of the factory.


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6. Low noise
The bag-type equipment is designed to be light, because one equipment can meet the output of multiple small equipment, thus reducing the noise of the workshop, and obtaining a good working environment for the workers in the production process.
7. Automatic detection function
The bag can be circulated through, and the detection function is installed on the equipment. If the bag is not filled, the equipment will never heat seal the bag, so that the bag can be reused without causing waste; and the detection function can also detect equipment failure. In the event of a failure, the cause of the failure can be indicated on the touch screen, saving time as a repairman.
8. One machine can be used for multiple purposes
The bag-type vacuum packaging machine can be used for one machine and can be used for products of various specifications. Because the bag-type equipment is controlled by a motor, multiple stations can be constructed and changed at one time, so even if the carton has various specifications of products, adjustment The equipment also never takes a lot of time.

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