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Introduction to the wiring installation of automatic continuous packaging machine

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Automatic continuous packaging machine is a new generation of vacuum packaging equipment developed on the basis of the ordinary vacuum packaging machine, which can stretch the film through the equipment after processing and forming, with a composite film attached to it, vacuum (inflatable) after sealing, divided into a product of a kind of equipment. It is a kind of equipment.


  The packaging machine is suitable for vacuum (inflatable) packaging of various foods, seafood, meat products, pharmaceutical products, fruits and vegetables, pickles, cooling meat, hardware originals, medical equipment and other products, suitable for vacuum (inflatable) packaging of various casual foods (dried beans, phoenix claws, spicy strips, eggs, steaks, etc.), extending the shelf life of the product, freshness, easy to store and transport, as the product has the function of packaging after forming, can highlight The advantages of the product, improve the product grade.


  Automatic continuous packaging machine upper and lower separated mold, high strength, corrosion resistance, more reasonable design, easy and fast loading and unloading, to ensure the clamping strength, stable transmission, long service life, the use of cross-cut, single knife can be moved to adjust, computer centralized control, you can select the single knife on and off on the touch screen, with fast pumping speed, high vacuum, long service life and other characteristics.


  The packaging frame body is made of extruded aluminum alloy with high strength, good corrosion resistance, not easy to deformation, beautiful appearance, low gas consumption, low noise, durable, effectively improve the performance and service life of the equipment, waste recovery using adjustable torque motor system, so that the side material recovery more clean, convenient and noiseless, the upper and lower film are using inductive automatic brake and tightening system, and equipped with horizontal adjustment handle It can adjust the running direction of packaging film at any time.




  The whole machine is equipped with power shortage, reverse phase, high voltage, low voltage, leakage protection system, easy to operate and adjust. Forming chamber, heat sealing chamber, cross-cutting knife, longitudinal knife are installed with safety switch and protective cover, automatic stop and display the cause of failure.


  Automatic continuous packaging machine wiring installation

  1, to ensure the safety of our use of the machine.


  2, before connecting the power supply, we first open the left side door, manually start the studio, open the electrical box, the time relay plugged firmly.


  3、Connect the power cord of the machine to the electric gate above, and then connect the power cord of the vacuum pump to the vacuum pump motor above.


  4, after the power is connected, we first debug the vacuum packaging machine, if the machine conveyor belt is running upward, that our machine is normal, if the opposite of the operation, our machine is not normal.


  5, there is also need to pay attention to is that we connect the vacuum packaging machine, must be grounded connection, to prevent leakage of electricity.

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