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zipper spout doypack filling machine Shipping News

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1.Hmk-2000 zipper doypack spout doypack stand up pouch sachet filling packaging machine send to USA


Newpack doypack machine can produce up to 2500ml bags. suitable for frozen food, snack food, laundry detergent, dried fruit, snacks, candy, oatmeal, etc. Stand up bag.

hmk2000 model packing machine can be equipped with up to four blanking stations for single blanking or multiple blanking as required.

You can select single column or double column working mode. When double row bag making is selected, two bags can be generated at the same time in each machine operation cycle. The speed can reach up to 100 bags / min.






2.HS-160 flat bag sachet coffee powder spices pouch horizontal packing machine send to Serbia

Flat bag pouch coffee powder spice packing machine adopts fill-seal-cut process and is able to produce sachet strings besides single and twins sachets. It is suitable for the high speed packaging of small volumes of sugars coffees,sauces,shampoos etc.




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