Special-shaped Stand-up Pouch Packaging Machine

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Product features:

The special-shaped stand-up pouch packaging machine is a packaging equipment designed for food and beverage products. Its design and equipment selection meet the requirements of GMP production process standards. The equipment can achieve an automated packaging flow operation of 4,500 bags per hour, with full automated operation, which significantly reduces the contact between personnel and materials. The equipment is not only economical, but also outstanding in safety and efficiency.


1. The main equipment adopts carbon steel 80×5 profile skeleton, 14mm sprayed plastic substrate, 2mm stainless steel sheet metal coating, no dead angle in hygiene, and meets cleaning standards.

2. The parts of the equipment that are in direct contact with the material are made of 304 stainless steel and the surface is polished. Does not react with materials, does not release particles, does not deform after contact with materials, and does not deteriorate.

3. The lubricants and coolants used in the equipment are not in contact with the materials to avoid contamination of the materials or containers.

4. Compressed air that is in direct contact with the material, in contact with the inner packaging container, vacuum bagging, and compressed air for filtration should be cleaned by degreasing, water removal, filtration, etc.

5. The batching tank, mixing tank, pipeline equipment and other machinery used for connecting material transportation, and the equipment used for raw material preparation and storage, the capacity of which is as close as possible to the batch, so as to minimize the batch, change the batch number, clear the field, Cleaning equipment, etc.

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