Our mission

Every day, we will unswervingly carry out the enterprise mission - lean and high-yield, benefit the world. With high-quality technology, services and solutions, we help our customers achieve greater success while protecting our planet and making it sustainable.

Our vision

We are committed to becoming one of the best performing professional automated packaging solutions providers in the world, so that our employees can provide innovative and sustainable solutions for customers in this interconnected world.

Core team

We always put emphasis on "building a core team" and now we've owned a management team of high execution.

Management Model

People centered. Employees are the master of the company, work is for the company and individuals to grow together, and work better at the same time
It is also a reflection of their own value, performance-oriented, comprehensive evaluation of employees from three aspects of morality, ability and performance
Pay attention to institutionalization, process and standardization
Pay attention to the integration of resources, including technical resources, market resources and human resources
Efficiency principle and satisfaction principle