Success Case

American customers

Enzyme Liquid Filling in Utah, U.S.
Scope of Services Provided

It adopts the post-punching process to meet the 95 degree hot filling of two bag shapes of 30ml and 50ml.

New Vita SOD Liquid Filling Project in Los Angeles
Scope of Services Provided

The SOD water solution project adopts the special-shaped flat-bottom bag process, and the same 95 degree hot filling as the enzyme liquid, without the need for back-end sterilization.

Golden Leaf Health Technology

Guangzhou Golden Leaf Health Technology's daily production of 160,000 bags of fruit and vegetable enzymes and collagen peptides, using 2 double-out stand-up pouch filling equipment to meet 30-50ml product switching

Silang Food

Silang 400,000/day collagen peptide beverage project

Silang Foods is a professional foundry company. The project replaces the production line of 250,000 glass bottled oral liquids. Using 4 HMK2000D filling machines with a 600 kg/hour pasteurization line, the monthly peak production capacity exceeded 13 million bags.

Kangmaigu Pharmaceutical

30ml package

One HMK2000D filling machine, producing 30ml collagen peptide and enzyme beverage

35ml Thousands of Living Plant Drink

One HMK2000D filling machine produces 35ml Wanglaojiqian live plant drinks, with an output of 100,000 per day.

CIC Great Health


The project is equipped with two sets of special-shaped molds, namely 30ml enzyme liquid bag type and 10ml bottle lactoferrin liquid

Kangyuan Group

Sea buckthorn puree 30ml line

Using HMK2000D equipment, the bag type is a 30ml waist shaped self-supporting bag.

Seabuckthorn puree 1L assembly line

The HMK1600 stand-up pouch filling line is used for the 1L large bag line that is distributed with tea and fruit tea shops. Achieve 2T production capacity per hour

East Group

Dong'a Centennial Hall

Dong'e Bainiantang Ejiao Drink and Blackcurrant Enzyme Drink use patented filling technology and shape design. 50,000 bags per shift