Automatic packaging machine how to safely use

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Automatic packaging machine how to use safely? Automatic packaging machine is now almost every production line necessary for a packaging machine, to use the machine well, in addition to the quality of the machine itself to be excellent, but also requires the operator to regulate the use of reasonable, then the automatic packaging machine how to use safely? The following will take you to understand.

  Automatic packaging machine safety operating procedures.

  (1) open the automatic packaging machine before checking whether the specifications of the bag-making machine installed with the requirements.

  (2) hand dial the main motor belt to see if the machine is running flexible, when the machine to confirm that no abnormalities before powering on.

  (3) Under the machine, the packaging material will be installed between the two paper blocking wheels, racked in the slot of the machine's paper racking arm plate, the paper blocking wheel should clamp the cylinder core of the installed material, so that the packaging material and the bag maker are right, and then the knob on the blocking sleeve will be tightened, and ensure that the printing side faces forward or the composite side faces backward. After turning on the machine according to the paper feed to adjust the axial position of the packaging material on the rack paper wheel to ensure normal paper supply.


  (4) Turn on the automatic packaging machine main power switch, press the clutch handle, so that the metering mechanism and the main drive separation, turn on the start switch, the machine is running empty.

  (5) If the conveyor belt clockwise rotation, should immediately stop, at this time for the main motor reversal, the motor will be inverted phase after making the belt counterclockwise rotation.

  (6)Set the temperature, according to the packaging material used, set the heat sealing temperature on the temperature controller of the electric control box.

  (7) bag length adjustment insert the packaging material into the bag maker according to the relevant regulations, clip it between the two rollers, turn the rollers, pull the packaging material below the cutting knife, wait for 2 minutes after reaching the set temperature, turn on the start switch, loosen the lock nut of the bag length adjusting screw, adjust the bag length controller knob, turn clockwise for the bag length to shorten, and vice versa to lengthen, and tighten the nut after reaching the required bag length.

  (8) Determine the cutter position, when the bag length is determined, move the cutter, turn on the start switch and seal several bags continuously, when the heat sealer is just opened, before the roller pulls the bag, stop immediately. Then move the left cutter first, so that the knife is aligned with the middle of the cross-seal sealing channel of an integer number of times the bag length (generally 2-3 times the bag length), and make the knife edge perpendicular to the straight paper direction, tighten the left cutter fastening screw, put the right cutter against the left cutter, put it flat and let the tip of the knife to the tip, slightly tighten the fastening screw in front of the stone cutter, press the back of the right cutter downward, so that there is a certain pressure between the two cutters, fasten the right cutter behind the Fastening screws, the packaging material put between the knife blade, slightly downward knocking the front of the right cutting knife to see if it has been able to cut off the packaging material, otherwise it should continue not to be to be able to cut off, and finally fasten the front screws.


  (9) stop, the heat sealer must be in the open position, to prevent burning packaging materials, and can extend the heat sealer Fu with life.

  (10) When turning the metering plate, it is not allowed to turn the metering plate in clockwise direction, and check whether all the lower material doors are closed before starting the machine (except the material doors in open state), otherwise it will probably damage the parts.

  (11) measurement adjustment when the packaging material measurement weight is less than the required weight, can be clockwise micro-adjustment of the metering disk adjustment screw ring to achieve the required packaging volume, if greater than the required weight is the opposite.

  (12)After charging the material without abnormal operation, the machine can work normally, turn on the counter switch, you can complete the counting work, and finally install the protective cover.

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