Automatic packaging machine how to debug

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Automatic bag filling machine before the initial use of the corresponding commissioning work, in the production of many products need to be packaged, so the use of automatic packaging machine is very common, many companies use automatic packaging machine before the installation and commissioning of equipment also has strict requirements, then the automatic packaging machine commissioning method is how it is? Here to introduce you.

1, press the chassis switch button, the switch lock automatically pops open after opening the door, the compressed air tube from the rear of the chassis below the small hole through, and then inserted into the air pressure regulating valve behind the chassis door into the connector, with a pipe clamp fixed.

2, close the case door, open the air source to open the air source switch to input compressed air, the machine pressure plate automatically closed on. According to the size of the package, the thickness of the blister forming sheet and the actual packaging, rotate the air pressure adjustment valve hand wheel to adjust the air pressure to the appropriate pressure. The greater the air pressure, the faster the speed of the pressure plate, the greater the pressure, generally adjusted to the bullet box to make an atmospheric pressure is more appropriate.

3, the machine wire plug into the 220V AC power socket, open the machine circuit total system, connect the whole machine circuit.


4, the bakelite mold placed on the mold table, bakelite mold on the wire and the machine mold table in the middle of the bakelite mold terminals connected.

5、Turn on the cooling switch, turn on the cooling time system circuit, adjust the cooling time setting button, select the platen cold pressing time.

6, counterclockwise direction to push the mold table rotation, observe the pressure plate automatically press down the situation is normal. If there is no Sundance, then the blister and line card can be placed objectively on the bakelite mold to start trial packaging.

7, open the heating switch, turn on the heating time system circuit, adjust the heating time to develop time twist, according to the actual packaging situation, select the appropriate bakelite mold heater energized heating.

8, heating current conversion system is used to adjust the bakelite mold heater, so as to adjust the size of the current, the user can choose the appropriate heating current gear according to the actual packaging situation.

9, the user can according to the test packaging, according to the above components of the function, respectively adjust until satisfied.

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