How to distinguish different packaging machines

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How to distinguish between different packaging machines? Packaging machine in our production life is one of the indispensable equipment, many places to apply the packaging machine can be seen in the work of the packaging machine, there are many different packaging machine models on the market, the production of performance and packaging methods are completely different, but greatly facilitate the production of enterprises to find the most suitable for the product packaging machine, the following detailed explanation of how to distinguish between different packaging machine it!

  With the progress of society, packaging machines have become an integral part of life. The emergence of packaging machines, not only to improve the quality of products and production efficiency. And the liberation of labor, to facilitate production. In the course of development, for the process performance and work requirements are different, the packaging machine and derived from many different types.


  1.A different direction of transmission


  According to the different work requirements, packaging machine according to the direction of transmission can be divided into vertical packaging machine, horizontal packaging machine and three-dimensional vertical packaging machine.





  Vertical is the food directly on the table, the conveyor belt from the table to the sealing part of the food. Horizontal is to put the food directly on the conveyor belt, and the conveyor belt will bring the food to the sealing part. The three-dimensional vertical is able to put food in three directions at the same time.


  2. the degree of manual involvement is different


  According to the performance of different processes, packaging machines according to the degree of manual involvement can be divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic.


  First, the production capacity of semi-automatic than its degree of automation is lower. This is because the former requires some manual operations, while other parts are done automatically, therefore, its hourly production capacity is lower than its overall automatic rate.


  In addition, the semi-automatic models require manual intervention, and errors by the manual operator can lead to problems in the packaging process. For example, when material enters the machine, a manual operator may direct the material to a different target location, which may cause a blockage on the line and lead to a decrease in productivity. In contrast, automated models avoid the risks associated with human operation because the entire production process is completed within the machine operation.

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