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Good prospects for the automatic packaging machine industry

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good prospects for the automatic packaging machine industry 1651

China’s packaging special equipment industry has achieved good performance in recent years. After decades of development and changes, packaging special equipment has entered a new period of industrial upgrading and transformation. In recent years, with the improvement of residents’ consumption levels, various industries have integrated products. Higher quality requirements have been put forward, and the packaging of products has attracted more and more attention, which has promoted the forward development of the packaging special equipment industry. Products are widely used in the food industry. Due to the gradual increase in product packaging requirements, special packaging equipment has been It has also shown a development trend of automation, high efficiency, and green science.


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Shanghi Ingram Micro Technology Co.,Ltd is a professioan supplier of automated packaging solutions. Rich experience in dustry and professional technical force. Since its inception in 2009, Newpack has been focusing on the research and development, design and manufacture of automatic, convenient horizontal & vertical packing machines and related spare parts.

Efforts will be the enterprise development of food and beverage and daily chemical products leading supplier, will be safe,reliable, efficient automation equipment and perfect after-sales service system to customs. Our product approach has always been to address the growing cost of production as the ultimate goal of innovation, to customer satisfaction as the sole criterion for testing the sucess of the product. 

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