Doypack horizontal packaging Solution
Dong'a Centennial Hall
Dong'e Bainiantang Ejiao Drink and Blackcurrant Enzyme Drink use patented filling technology and shape design. 50,000 bags per shift.
Enzyme Liquid Filling in Utah, U.S.
It adopts the post-punching process to meet the 95 degree hot filling of two bag shapes of 30ml and 50ml.
New Vita SOD Liquid Filling Project in Los Angeles
The SOD water solution project adopts the special-shaped flat-bottom bag process, and the same 95 degree hot filling as the enzyme liquid, without the need for back-end sterilization.
Silang 400,000/day collagen peptide beverage project
Silang Foods is a professional foundry company. The project replaces the production line of 250,000 glass bottled oral liquids. Using 4 HMK2000D filling machines with a 600 kg/hour pasteurization line, the monthly peak production capacity exceeded 13 million bags.
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